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Guide to Music Piracy (like it's the 00's again!)

Looking to get your hands on some shitty FLACs and MP3s that some guy in Russia ripped using his car's disc drive? Here are some of the best sources you can use to do just that.

  • Orpheus
    • ✅ The absolute best place to get quality releases
    • ✅ Provides releases that originate from RED/Redacted, another private torrent tracker
    • ❌ Private tracker with a somewhat hidden interview process
    • ❌ Operates on a philosophy of "give one, take one"
  • Rutracker
    • ✅ Forum-like torrent tracker with everything from folklore to dubstep
    • ❌ Can be hard to find exactly what you need
  • 1337x
    • ✅ Trusted public torrent tracker with a lot of content
    • ✅ Can find music videos, packs and a variety of qualities to suit your needs
    • ❌ Search engine kind of sucks
  • Slav Art
    • ✅ Intuitive for someone used to Discord
    • ✅ Downloads directly from streaming sources
    • ✅ No requirement to "give back"
    • ❌ Need to create an account on Divolt
    • ❌ Frequently gets taken down
  • Nicotine+
    • ✅ Open source client for the Soulseek protocol
    • ✅ Loads of content, from obscure to mainstream
    • ✅ Can search based on file quality, genre and personal interests
    • ❌ Many users require you to share your music library with them before you can download from them

These are all sources I have personally used. Many more can be found on the r/piracy megathread.

Misc. and generally helpful info

Use an adblocker! (preferrably UBlock Origin) and a VPN/proxy service before using any of these, for your safety. I recommend Mullvad, a no-bullshit you-get-what-you-pay-for provider. If you get caught doing some shady shit you shouldn't be doing in your country, I have jack shit to do with that.

You can find many more ways to decrease your digital footprint at privacytools.io.

For torrent trackers - use an open source client like qBittorrent. The "official" uTorrent and Bittorrent clients shove ads in your face and have been caught including malware in them as well.

For music players - I recommend foobar2k on Windows and Tauon (toolkit-agnostic) or g4music (for GTK lovers) for Linux devices.

- 17 toasts